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Kraft Paper Bags with Twisted Handles, Mixed Pack - Small x 50pcs

Product Details

  • Product Code MIXYHVQP74
  • Manufacturer MyCarrierBag

Product Options

Our coloured kraft paper bags are available in 9 vibrant colours, making them perfect for boutiques, fashion outlets and as gift bags.

They are now available to buy in a pack of assorted colours.. Simply:

  • Choose the total quantity of bags you want
  • Let us know the colour and quantity of each you would like in the "Product Options" box above
  • Ensure the number of bags you have mentioned add up to the total bags you have selected
  • Add this to your basket

Key Details:

  • Small, Bag Size: 18cm x 22cm + 8cm (Approx)
  • Sold in packs of 50
  • 90 GSM