Packaging For Your Company

Packaging For Your Company

It is not just manufacturing companies that need packaging solutions for their products. Of course, if your firm makes the products it sells, then packaging will be an important part of the business. Not only does packaging a product mean that it remains in mint condition during transit, but it is often the first thing a customer will see. This makes it an integral part of the marketing experience of any sales item. A great gizmo or useful tool can fail to make a strong impression if the packaging doesn’t help to make the product leap off the shelf. So, packaging always needs to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic design.

For many food suppliers, packaging can be also be an important part of the customer experience. Properly thought through packaging encourages customers to buy into the product’s freshness and cleanliness. Cup cake boxes, for example, not only encourage customers to buy more products, because that they can carry them all away easily, but mean that each cup cake is handled less by the retailer and the purchaser. Cup cake boxes, therefore are prefect for when the cakes are being bought to be shared, perhaps at an office or for a party and the packaging design should reflect this. Sweet bags are another good example of packaging that encourages customers to spend that little bit more. Plain brown paper bags for pick and mix sweets are functional enough. However, sweet bags with fun designs, particularly ones that will appeal to children, do a better job. Slightly oversized sweet bags will also encourage more products to be bought than normal sized paper bags.

There are many types of business that don’t need to package things up that often. If your business provides a service as opposed to a physical product, that may apply to you. Nevertheless, many service oriented companies can do well to consider the occasional gift or promotional item to market their company. Neatly packaged promotional gifts, such as key rings or branded pens, are a good place to start. Gift boxes are always a good option for such items because they add a little to the fun of opening a present. Most gift boxes will also mean the contents are properly protected, too, so that they can be sent by post or courier with confidence. A good tip is to brand the gift box you use for your giveaways with you company logo. This can be either printed on the packaging directly or with a sticker, so that the recipients are left in no doubt about your business.

Uses for Carrier Bags

Uses for Carrier Bags

Carrier bags, particularly plastic carrier bags, are a problem in modern society. From their beginnings as a useful tool for transporting purchased goods from the till to the car to the home, they have by dint of their sheer volume and their disposability, fallen foul of modern norms.
Plastic bags are difficult to recycle which means that they go to landfill where they take decades to decompose. Those that don’t, frequently end up fouling the seas and coastlines of the world, where they are an eyesore and a menace to wildlife.
So what to do with them since they can’t be spirited away? Unfortunately they remain the cheapest and most convenient tool for the job, although once the problem came to be generally realised some steps were quickly taken to try and reduce the consumption of carrier bags.
Bags for life made their way into our lives to make a difference in the way people felt about their shopping bag use, yet the plastic shopping bags problem remains. But is there something practical that can be done to prevent carrier bags ending up in the rubbish?

For one thing, they make very good shopping bags! It’s true! Keep a stash of plastic bags in the boot of the car, they take up very little space, are light and so can be carried in a pocket into shops to be reused instead of taking new ones. And as long as they don’t break, they can be used time and again.

They can also be reused to fulfil other purposes before they fall into decrepitude and find their way to their final destination.
For instance, using them as a bin liner means that since they are going to landfill anyway, they may as well take a load of other rubbish with them.
Personally, I also line my compost bin with old plastic bags since they retain the moisture in tea bags etc until they become too smelly to bear, and to collect things which are good for recycling such as tin cans.
There are also people who will be grateful to take them as donations. Charity shops, people who run market stalls and go to car boot sales to buy and sell, will need something to carry their goods in.

Simple steps can be taken so that if the volume of plastic cannot be stopped, at least it can be slowed.

Presentation Counts!!

Are you looking for something to display your gorgeous wedding favours? Or the new beads that have arrived in your craft store?  Our new clear PVC boxes are the perfect way to display both confectionary and stationary items…


The clear boxes, allow versatility; they can be dressed up with ribbon, stuffed with tissue paper or even crystallised to add a little sparkle. Whatever the occasion these boxes can help provide the classy finishing touches.

The boxes come flat packed, to save storage space and are simple to erect.

We currently stock 10 different sizes:
3.4cm x 3.4cm x 3.4cm
5cm x 5cm x 5cm
5cm x 5cm x 8cm
5cm x 5cm x 11.5cm
6cm x 6cm x 6cm
6cm x 6cm x 12cm
7cm x 7cm x 10cm
9cm x 9cm x 9cm
9cm x 9cm x 12cm
10cm x 10cm x 10cm

However if you’re looking for another size just let us know and we’ll be happy to source them for you!

These boxes have many uses, however if there’s something you use them for that we haven’t mentioned let us know!! We were recently made aware that these boxes are used by bakers; the clear boxes showcase the intricate detail of cupcakes and cake slices from all angles.

My Carrier Bag is all about the customer, so if you have any feedback we’d love to know!! Happy Shopping x

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!!!

Don’t you just love receiving something that is gorgeously wrapped in luxurious ribbon? It definitely brings a smile to our day!

The packaging and the ribbon on the outside is what makes unwrapping your gift extra special, because we all know that presentation is key, even before you look inside, the gift wrap gives you that feeling that you are special because someone has done that extra bit to make it look perfect!

Offer your customers that extra service of gift wrapping, not only do you take the hassle away from them when they get home but you will be adding great value to the service you already provide.  Its amazing the added perception that this small piece of material gives to your package, it will always make your product stand out. But remember…first impressions always count! Don’t just use any ribbon, it has to be of a good quality.

At we have ribbon to suit all occasions adding elegance to your products. Be it a wedding cake, a gift to that special someone or fun favours for a kids party… take a look at our options, we have different widths and prints, and I’m sure there is something here that will take your fancy.

Our ribbons are manufactured in the UK and are produced using high quality materials. They are made from 100% Polyester and are fully washable. I have to point out though, high quality doesn’t mean expensive, you’ll be amazed at how affordable our prices are.  Ok… now for the boring bit, but just so that you know exactly what we have, details of our five different ribbons are below:

Double faced satin ribbon

This ribbon has a silky feel and shiny finish. It is a classic ribbon used greatly in weddings and special occasions due to its luxurious feel. We stock more than 15 different shades on 20 metre reels. Choose from 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 25mm widths.


Double Satin Green

 Grosgrain ribbon

This ribbon has a ribbed texture and is a great alternative to satin ribbon. We stock a range of 12 colours on 20 metre reels. Choose from 10mm, 15mm and 25mm widths.


Grosgrain Baby Pink

Organza ribbon

A very lightweight ribbon which creates an elegant feel. We stock a range of 16 colours on 25 metre reels. Choose from 10mm, 15mm and 25mm widths.

Organza dark green

Organza dark green

Gingham Ribbon

Extremely popular for childrens wear, this checked ribbon is a classic. We stock a range of 11 colours on 20 metre reels. Choose from 10mm, 15mm and 25mm widths.


Gingham Red

Polka Dot Ribbon

This ribbon has the same feel as the double satin ribbon, the dots just give it a fun and fresh look to the ribbon. We stock a range of 11 colours on 20 metre reels. Choose from 15mm and 25mm widths.


Polka Dot Royal Blue

Let us know what you used your ribbon on and send us your pics!!

Are you fed up of your bin bags splitting?

I’ve cleaned the kitchen and now I need to move my household rubbish from the kitchen to the wheelie bin outside. However on my way from the kitchen to the outside, they split in the corridor, and all the rubbish is on my cream carpet. We all know that feeling. But why did they split? Was it because I over filled the bag….No; was it because I placed razor sharp objects in the bag….No; then why?

The simple answer is because the black sacks were made from poor quality materials.  Refuse bin sacks are made from recycled materials. If the recycled material has poor strength properties then the bin bags produced from this material will also be poor.

At MyCarrierBag, our refuse sacks are made using 100% recycled British farm waste plastics. We use farm waste plastics as they have strong mechanical properties. This in turn ensures that our rubbish sacks are not only strong but also increases their tear resistance. We currently stock black sacks, coloured sacks and clear sacks. We guarantee, once you use our bin bags you won’t have to pick up rubbish off your floor!


What is a paper bag?

Where does it all begin?

As we all know paper is made from trees. The tree to the paper bag is a long process over many years. Firstly trees are cut and left to dry for a minimum of three years. The wood is then turned into pulp using a chemical process. Pulp is then mixed into water, and by pressing the moist fibres together, paper is formed. The paper is then rolled and sent to paper bag making factories who convert the paper into bags.

The paper bag

Paper bags were invented by Francis Wolle in 1852 in the United States. He invented the machinery that would fold the paper and thus form a bag. However it wasn’t until 20 years later, that the square bottom bag was invented by Margaret Knight in 1870; the shopping bag was born!

Paper bags mostly have a single layer of paper, that is folded and shaped into a bag. It is very popular in retail environments as the material is easy to print on. Companies can effectively advertise and market their brands through printed bags. Paper is also an easily recyclable material and are perceived to be more environmentally friendly. Whether it actually has a less of an impact on the environment, compared to plastic bags, is a debate for another time!

Here are some examples of some quirky designs printed onto paper bags.


Grip Seal Bags


Grip seal bags are most commonly used for storing items safely and securely.  The major reason for their popularity is because the bags can be used over and over again, due to the fact that they are resealable. They are also known as ‘seal again bags’, ‘zipper bags’ and ‘resealable gripper bags’.

Our bags are made from clear LDPE polythene and come with a resealable strip. We stock between 40 – 50 micron thick, making them ideal for re-use. We import these grip seal bags directly from the Far East, this way we are able to offer the most competitive prices online! We have over 30 different sizes in stock at any one time. The bags are food approved, and can also help in keeping food fresh.

We stock both plain and grip seal bags with ‘write on panels’. Write onto the bag, with either pen or pencil, in order to label and identify the contents alot easier.



Want further discounts? Share your cart!!!!

Whenever we are buying items, we all want to make sure we can get the best prices possible. At Mycarrierbag we also want to offer our customers further opportunities to reduce their total cost. That’s where “share my cart” comes in. By clicking on the  ”share my cart” icon (see below) you can earn up to a 10% discount by sharing the news of your purchase with your friends and family on twitter. In return you are helping us through social media and letting others know about our products.




Clear Polythene bags in Carton Dispensers

We have been supplying these poly bags into the UK market for over 15 years. Infact we used to manufacture them ourselves until it became too expensive to produce them in the UK. The products are purchased from a BRC approved factory and are produced to the highest quality. They are made using virgin LDPE material.

We stock 80, 120 and 250 guage.   These bags are ideal for food storage as they are 100% food grade polythene bags. Our bags are most commonly bought bakeries and butchers  Although they are food approved, they can be used to pack almost anything. They are packed into a dispenser box, so that bags can be accessed and stored easily.

Packaging your products shouldn’t be difficult, and these polythene bags are easily dispensed and simple to use. We have the largest range of PolytheneBags online and we aim to be the cheapest and offer the most value for money. So if you find the same product cheaper online, send us the link and we would be happy to match the price. If possible we will beat the price.

The below link will take you directly to these products on our site.



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